Sooooo, why the name Bigdog Audio? 

Well, I guess I must be shy eh? Actually, the name came about as I was once asked whether I wanted to be called Ritch or Ritchie, and I jokingly replied "Bigdog", then kept using that name as joke with certain people, and when I started to create the music I am creating, I figured, what the hell.

As it stands, Bigdog Audio covers the "compositional" work I do, which covers a hybrid orchestral approach to writing, utilising synths, orchestral libraries, real guitars and bass. As a self-trained guitarist that cannot read music, or play drums or keyboards properly, I always understood "how", things were done, I just struggled with the implementation. I have always created with the guys I played with in The Small Party and Pretty Vegas (my cover band), but it was always with arranging, harmonies, additional parts, technical stuff. It was never the taking a germ of a song or idea and developing it into something complete. I would write a riff or chord progression, and then realise I had just "written" Whole Lotta Love or a Crowded House song! Then something in me clicked, and it was because I started messing about with more with Cubase and a MIDI keyboard, making music on something I was unfamiliar with that forced me to break away from the muscle-memory patterns that come from being the type of guitarist I am. I had used Cubase, virtual instruments and MIDI to create backings for my cover band, but this time I was using it to create the music I had in my head.

Music for me has always been a release, a way to soothe my mind, be it playing live, watching bands or listening to a variety of genres from Metallica, ABBA and The Beatles to the scores created by the likes of John Williams or Hans Zimmer. I have also used music  to remind me of "happy places", and listen to music that remind me of times that I am mentally calm or in a beautiful environment, and that provides a way to use music to meditate and relax. This went further into playing nature soundscapes at night to help me sleep, and then onto Binaural Beats, but it always felt there was something missing to suit my needs. So when I started to compose, in addition to writing pieces, I also wanted to create music and sounds that could be used by me to relax, calm my mind, improve my mental health, and also share that with others.

Music is a joy in life.

I am lucky to be able to create music, whether it is a cue, a piece of music that others find relaxing, or a cover of a Guns N' Roses song at a wedding. Music is something that unites people like no other, evokes positives feeling like no other, and I believe can help people in a way that has only just started to be truly understood. It is a joy to create, to listen to and to share, and it is what I will continue to do in whatever form it may take.

Here is to the journey...
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